The Science of Learning immerses you in what we know about how the brain learns.

This online course guides you in acquiring a toolbox of core principles that you can use to analyze and improve your own learning and that of others you wish to help learn.

You proceed through the material at your own pace — using videos, slides, and text, while answering questions and analyzing case studies. The full course is available online in an easy-to-understand format.  All materials are included, and there is a reading list of interesting books if you wish to continue learning on your own.

Each course takes about five hours, and you will receive a certificate for 5 Professional Development Hours for each.


Four core courses form The Science of Learning series

To learn more about the series, please click here for an overview of the four courses.


I: The Neuroscience Foundations of Learning

Appreciating the power of the human brain

The greatest of the frontiers to be explored lies within each of us. New understandings of the brain provide fresh insights into the process of who we are and how we learn. In this course, we examine what we know about the brain and how that information can inspire us to understand ourselves and to develop new ways of learning.

Cognitive Learning

II: The Cognitive Foundations of Learning

Helping the mind deal with the stream of information

The human mind has far more capability than is typically used. In this course, we examine exciting research on increasing our ability to learn and remember, which can help dramatically improve our design of learning experiences.

Behavioral brain Maze

III: The Behavioral Foundations of Learning

Supporting successful behavior              

It is one thing to know how to learn; it is quite another to help learners build habits of learning in these effective ways. In this course, we examine the principles of encouraging effective behavior and self-control.

Brain Assessment

IV: The Assessment Foundations of Learning

Using feedback to assess and guide learning

To guide learning, we must know what has been learned. Issues of assessment, accountability, and testing are increasingly being raised about formal learning. In this course, we examine the predictors of knowledge and skill in learning situations. Our focus is on developing an understanding of how the goals of assessment and learning can best be integrated.